Project 2025 Responds to House Democrats’ Unserious and Misleading Task Force


Project 2025 Responds to House Democrats’ Unserious and Misleading Task Force

Jun 11, 2024 1 min read

WASHINGTON—Dr. Kevin Roberts, president of The Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action for America released the following statement in response to House Democrats’ “Stop Project 2025 Task Force” launched this morning: 

“Project 2025 will not be 'stopped' by an unserious, mistake-riddled press release or a task force of House Democrats lacking a basic understanding of federal governance. It’s amusing how those on the Left seem surprised that conservative policy organizations advocate for conservative policies. Yet instead of addressing the issues caused by this administration and Congress, House Democrats are dedicating taxpayer dollars to launch a smear campaign against the united effort to restore self-governance to everyday Americans.    


“The Left is in a frenzy because, for the first time, more than 110 conservative organizations are uniting to provide personnel and policy solutions that prioritize the American people’s best interests. Unlike the Left, we embrace transparency and welcome public engagement: Our policy recommendations are publicly available on our website.  


“Under the Biden administration, the federal government has been weaponized against American citizens, our border invaded, and our institutions captured by woke ideology. The task force launched by House Democrats only underscores the Left’s fear of losing its grip on their authoritarian bureaucracy. If their strategy is to resort to scare tactics instead of tackling the genuine concerns of Americans regarding the unsustainable cost of living, rampant crime, border crisis, and global unrest spawned by their left-wing policies—well, they're more than welcome to try. We will not give up and we will win.”