Project 2025 Announces the Launch of the Presidential Administration Academy

Project 2025 Announces the Launch of the Presidential Administration Academy

Feb 1, 2023 2 min read

WASHINGTON—The 2025 Presidential Transition Project announced the launch of its Presidential Administration Academy today. These on-demand training sessions serve as a resource for those hoping to serve in the next conservative administration and represent the third of the Project’s four interconnected pillars. 

In these videos, experts that served in prior administrations provide insight on day-one implementation plans for conservatives to govern effectively. Through workshops, seminars, online videos, and mentorship, participants will be qualified and ready to use the tools of the federal government to best serve the American people. The training videos cover everything from "Political Appointees and the Federal Workforce” to “The Federal Background Investigation and Security Clearance Process.” 

This tranche of training sessions is the first of many releases, with programming for more than 40 sessions planned before 2025. 

Paul Dans, Director of Project 2025 and former chief of staff at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) during the Trump administration, made the following statement about the launch of the Presidential Administration Academy:  

“When conservatives make it into government, they face certain structural disadvantages. Our Presidential Administration Academy is about equipping future political appointees, including those who have served before, to understand the rules of the road and the strategy for working effectively from within the government—so they are not learning on the job but are ready to advance the president’s agenda on Day One.   

Serving in government is unlike private or nonprofit sector work. To be an effective political appointee, one must have not only subject matter knowledge but also must appreciate the human dynamics and possess the problem-solving ability and the political will to advance the administration’s agenda.”   

Ed Corrigan, President and CEO of the Conservative Partnership Institute and former Trump Transition personnel lead, headed Project 2025’s training academy creation efforts. He responded to the website’s launch with the following statement: 

"Pillar III, the Training pillar of Project 2025, is fundamental in preparing prospective presidential appointees for what they are able and are capable of doing the first day on the job. We are excited to launch this pillar so prospective appointees can begin getting up to speed today.”