Oversight Project Director Applauds Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Call to Investigate NGOs’ Role in Border Crisis

Oversight Project Director Applauds Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Call to Investigate NGOs’ Role in Border Crisis

Dec 15, 2022 7 min read

WASHINGTON—Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced Wednesday that he was calling on the state attorney general’s office to immediately begin investigating non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that may have played a role “in planning & assisting illegal crossings into Texas.”  

Abbott’s announcement comes just days after The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project released a first-of-its-kind report showing clear evidence that NGOs in border states are assisting in the mass resettlement of illegal aliens in nearly every congressional district in the United States.  

Mike Howell, director of the Oversight Project, released the following statement in response to Abbott’s announcement:  

“We now have undeniable proof that NGOs are the Biden administration’s partner in facilitating and perpetuating this historic border crisis. What’s most shameful is that these NGOs are using not just taxpayer dollars to complete the final link in the drug cartels’ human smuggling operation, but also funds donated by Americans across this country who have no idea their charitable giving is being used for this purpose. They are working hand-in-glove with the open-borders advocates in the Biden administration to resettle untold numbers of illegal aliens across this country every month, willingly advancing the left’s goal of reshaping the American electorate and advancing their political objectives.  


“These organizations have no business engaging in such behavior. They should be investigated, held accountable, and defunded. And make no mistake, the Oversight Project is just getting started in showing the role these groups are playing in not only continuing this historic border crisis, but in fueling the cartels’ business model and encouraging millions of individuals to subject themselves to misery, suffering, and death along the journey to the border. We are ready and willing to cooperate with Texas law enforcement to pass along information regarding what we find.”  

Read the Oversight Project’s investigative report here: Oversight Project Investigation Uncovers Shocking Facts About Who’s Facilitating Biden Border Crisis 

Howell and Heritage Border Security and Immigration Center Director Lora Ries hosted U.S. Rep. Lance Gooden of Texas this week to talk about the NGO scandal and how corporate America is playing a role in the crisis, as well: The Illegal Immigration Industrial Complex: How Nonprofits and Corporations Are Facilitating the Border Crisis 

The media is paying attention to the Oversight Project’s investigation: