Kay C. James: Britain’s "New Future" Begins Today


Kay C. James: Britain’s "New Future" Begins Today

Jan 31, 2020 1 min read

WASHINGTON -- Kay C. James, president of The Heritage Foundation, released the following statement Friday ahead of Britain's official exit from the European Union: 

“In 2016, the British people voted not only to leave the European Union, but to once again embrace the principles of freedom, sovereignty, and self-determination – the bedrock principles of a free people. Though it took far longer than many would have liked – with many attempts along the way by political elites to reverse course – the will of the British people finally becomes a reality today.


“As Britain enters a new and exciting era, the United States stands firmly with our closest friend and ally. We look forward to a deepening of the Special Relationship made possible by Brexit, as the U.S. and Great Britain stand shoulder-to-shoulder to confront the challenges to our shared interests. We hope to negotiate and implement a new U.S.-U.K. free trade agreement, to work together on confronting the threat from Tehran, and to lead the way in building a stronger NATO alliance. Standing together, there is no limit to the good our nations can accomplish in the world. A new future for Britain begins today.”

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