Heritage’s Carafano & Spoehr: Missile Defense Review “A Strong and Insightful Response”

Heritage’s Carafano & Spoehr: Missile Defense Review “A Strong and Insightful Response”

Jan 17, 2019 1 min read

Washington, D.C. -- James Carafano, vice president of The Heritage Foundation’s Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy, and Lt. Gen. Tom Spoehr (ret.), director of Heritage’s Center for National Defense, responded Thursday to the Trump administration’s rollout of its Missile Defense Review (MDR), the first such review since 2010:

“In a dangerous world, Americans should be assured that their leaders are doing everything they can to ensure our safety and security, and to respond to the threats we face. To that end, the Trump administration’s just-released Missile Defense Review (MDR) is a strong and insightful response to the growing missile threat to the United States and our interests. This review, while painting a sobering picture of the advancing capabilities of our adversaries, also lays out a thoughtful path to maintaining U.S. superiority and security.


“The administration is right to call for expanded U.S. missile defenses, increased deployment of theater missile defense assets, and further investment in space-based sensors, high-energy lasers and the U.S. early warning system. However, the administration would be wise to increase its emphasis on developing and expanding a space-based missile defense regime, which includes interceptors. Dominance in space will be critical to our national security in the coming decades, and the time for investment in that arena is now.”

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