Heritage Releases Plan to Win the ‘New Cold War’ With China

Heritage Releases Plan to Win the ‘New Cold War’ With China

Mar 28, 2023 2 min read

WASHINGTON—Today, The Heritage Foundation is releasing its most comprehensive set of policy recommendations for how America should respond to the threat from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The special report, “Winning the New Cold War: A Plan for Countering China,” is a major research collaboration reflecting inputs by more than two dozen foreign policy, legal, military, economic, and energy experts from Heritage and other organizations. This plan comes as part of Heritage’s larger efforts to counter the malign influence of the CCP—one of Heritage’s seven policy priorities.

Heritage breaks new ground with the 119-page report, describing the ends, ways, and means to secure America’s future while confronting the greatest external threat the U.S. has faced since the collapse of Soviet Union.

Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts said:

“It is time to acknowledge reality: The United States is in a new Cold War with China. It is past time for a strategy—for a whole-of-government and whole-of-society effort—that serves American interests and protects the American people and economy from malicious actions by the Chinese Communist Party. This is not the end of the work, but only just the beginning.”

The report’s editors—James J. Carafano, PhD; Michael Pillsbury, PhD; Jeff M. Smith; and Andrew J. Harding—said:

“To succeed in the new Cold War, this plan calls for sustained U.S. economic growth, greater political will, stronger external partnerships, secure borders, synchronized economic and security policies, resilient supply chains, enhanced military deterrence, and American energy independence. It articulates the steps necessary to: protect the homeland; safeguard U.S. prosperity; diminish China’s capacity to harm the U.S. and hold the CCP accountable; reorient America’s defense posture; and exercise global leadership.”

The report’s comprehensive, ambitious recommendations address the full scope of threats to the U.S. homeland emanating from the Chinese Communist Party. Additionally, in the report’s afterword, Pillsbury, a renowned China scholar, teases a groundbreaking future project to track our competition with the CCP: an unclassified index to assess the relative national power of the U.S. and China.

Further, to aide in implementation, Heritage continues to actively provide expert and technical assistance to state and federal elected officials as they create robust policy reforms, build coalitions of national and international partners dedicated to countering CCP influence, and conduct an extensive awareness and exposure campaign to make one thing clear: the Chinese Communist Party is the most persistent and consequential threat facing the American people today. You can read the report here.