Heritage President’s Media Blitz on China Threat, Ketanji Brown Jackson, Inflation

Heritage President’s Media Blitz on China Threat, Ketanji Brown Jackson, Inflation

Apr 1, 2022 3 min read

WASHINGTONHeritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts joined multiple major national broadcast shows this week to address the public policy challenges facing the United States, especially the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and historic inflation that is crushing the American family and worker.

Roberts joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business to discuss how Biden’s weak response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has only emboldened the CCP:

“The United States needs to understand that the Chinese Communist Party is an existential threat to its own people and the American people. … Right now, we are playing from behind and this president is instilling no confidence whatsoever that our country is prepared for this fight.”

Roberts also addressed Biden’s radical new budget request for fiscal year 2023:

“If this budget, or something like it, is passed in Congress, America as we know it is going to deteriorate.”

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Roberts also joined Fox Business to explain why Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is unqualified to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court:

“It is crucial for Americans, wherever they are on the political spectrum, to understand that this judge—however sweet and pleasant she seems to be—is going to be the most radical leftist jurist in the history of this country.”

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Roberts also joined Epoch Times TV’s “China Insider” with David Zhang for a deep dive on the CCP threat, and what America’s policymakers must do to defend our interests:

“The threat from China is not one that is limited to just economics, or just the military, or just some other aspect of our society. … There has never been an adversary that poses a greater threat to the American way of life.”

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On “America First with Seb Gorka,” Roberts blasted the failure of the Biden administration to maintain American leadership and project strength on the world stage:

“It used to be that American strength was neither a Democrat nor a Republican thing. This president is making it very partisan. The combination of his incompetence, and his senility and really bad advisors who don’t know anything about the world practically, has created the weakest strategic position the United States has had since its founding.”

Roberts also discussed about the severity of Biden’s inflation crisis:

“Inflation is not an abstract concept. … It isn’t just a crisis for us and our government because we are on the brink of this fiscal cliff. It is a crisis for us in our own pocketbooks.”

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