Heritage President: Joe Biden Fighting on Wrong Side in the Battle for 'Soul of Our Nation'

Heritage President: Joe Biden Fighting on Wrong Side in the Battle for 'Soul of Our Nation'

Sep 1, 2022 2 min read

WASHINGTON—Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts released the following statement Thursday night following President Joe Biden’s divisive and fact-challenged address in Philadelphia:   

“Joe Biden did get one thing right tonight—we are indeed fighting a battle for the soul of our nation. The problem is, he’s fighting on the wrong side.  


“For nearly 50 years, Biden has shown that his words, when they’re even his to begin with, are nothing but empty Swamp doublespeak. It’s ironic that the man who claims he wants to ‘unite’ the country has spent most of his political career, and certainly his presidency, trying to divide it.  

“Never forget he claimed that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan wanted to put black Americans ‘back in chains’ a decade ago while vice president. He sought to turn Americans against each other during the pandemic, declaring it a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” He tried to get law-abiding Americans fired from their jobs, simply for choosing not to get the COVID vaccine. He and his officials—including his press secretary just yesterday—now regularly deride the more than 70 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump as ‘Ultra MAGA Republicans’ and ‘threats to our freedom.’ He regularly lies about the crises that have occurred not just on his watch, but because of his policies. He has claimed the historic border crisis was just a seasonal phenomenon — it’s not — that the Afghanistan withdrawal was an ‘extraordinary success’ — it wasn’t — and spending more money we don’t have will bring down inflation — it won’t.  


“Tonight, he continued this pattern of division and dishonesty, trying to turn Americans against each other further. Perhaps it’s time for all Americans to realize that our enemy is not our neighbor or our coworker, but the power-mad Washington elite who thrive off our division.  


“If anyone is a danger to the soul of this nation, and what America represents in the story of human history, it’s Joe Biden and those enabling him. That’s why Heritage will remain on offense every single day, fighting back against the radical, destructive policies the Left is trying to ram down our throats. That fight will only grow more intense, but we intend to win.” 

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