Heritage President: ‘If There Is Any Fight Worth Having, It Is the Fight to Save Marriage and the Family’

Heritage President: ‘If There Is Any Fight Worth Having, It Is the Fight to Save Marriage and the Family’

Jul 26, 2022 1 min read

WASHINGTON—Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts released the following statement Tuesday on the deceptively named “Respect for Marriage Act,” calling attention not only to the radical policy in the package, but urging against any vote on the measure at all.

The bill would force the federal government to recognize any union between two or more individuals as marriage, regardless of sex or age, and would threaten innumerable people and institutions of faith with licensing revocation, loss of government funds, and stripping of non-profit status:

“Marriage is a foundational bedrock of human society, one that many on the radical left are seeking to undermine and ultimately sweep away. The concept of marriage between a man and a woman is, and must remain, non-negotiable. It is a concept foundational to human flourishing and inherent to men and women as image-bearers of our Creator.

“And now, more than ever, we need leaders who will stand up for these basic truths. The bad-faith effort in Congress to weaponize marriage disrespects our fundamental institutions and divides Americans in a quest to score cheap political points, no matter the social consequences. It emanates from the left’s unceasing desire to silence and punish those whose views it finds objectionable or outdated.

“I recognize that there are those, including some on the right, who would rather see the marriage issue just disappear. I want to be clear—I and my colleagues at The Heritage Foundation firmly disagree with that view, but we do so with kindness and respect. We should not let the left divide us or weaken our shared interest in blocking this politicized stunt.

“To self-described conservatives voicing support for this legislation, or assenting with a shrug and a ‘sure, why not?’ response, I offer this advice: We will remember how you respond to this moment.

“The left’s attacks on the nuclear family and marriage are tearing at the soul of our country, and their efforts to silence and punish those who hold different beliefs is the opposite of tolerance, respect or individual liberty. This bill is about imposing the radical left’s sexual orthodoxy on the entire country, with no opportunity for debate or recourse. Those who care about our fundamental institutions should be appalled, and take action. If there is any fight worth having, after all, it is the fight to save marriage and the family.”

Learn more about the bill in Heritage's FAQ on HR 8404.