Heritage President Condemns Continuing Resolution, Warns of Coming December Budget Fight

Heritage President Condemns Continuing Resolution, Warns of Coming December Budget Fight

Sep 27, 2022 1 min read

WASHINGTON—Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts released the following statement Tuesday in response to the upcoming vote on a continuing resolution to fund the government until Dec. 16. If enacted, the next spending showdown will take place right before Christmas, at which point members could be voting on a massive omnibus that will have been written by a lame-duck Congress. 

“Inflation is out of control and inflicting real pain on the American people, who are forced to prioritize their spending to afford gasoline, groceries, and necessities. By contrast, Congress is out to lunch choosing to rubber stamp last year’s budget and give themselves an opportunity to write a massive omnibus spending package during the lame-duck period when they will be least accountable to voters. The Biden-Pelosi-Schumer agenda represents reckless and unnecessary spending on the Left’s priorities. This spending bill only guarantees more of the same.  


“The power of the purse is an important tool for Congress to establish its priorities and rein in the bureaucracy. To properly exercise that power, Congress needs to address thoughtfully and deliberately each of the 12 standard appropriations bills separately. That process will force tough decisions and ultimately lead to a more responsible outcome. Ultimately, that process must take place either before the election or when a new majority is sworn in. You don’t need a history degree to know that an unaccountable lame-duck Congress is more likely to choose an omnibus with no input from the voice of the American people as expressed in the upcoming election.  


“In addition to continuing last year’s spending, almost exactly, this bill adopts the chaotic and irresponsible method of governing by emergency. To address the crisis at the border, the continuing resolution contains billions in ‘emergency spending,’ which will allow the Biden administration to process and release tens of thousands more illegal aliens into the country. To address several natural disasters, the bill includes billions in non-offset disaster relief that will continue our pattern of relying on additional spending to recover from disasters that take place each and every year.  


“Supporting Ukraine in its noble defense against Putin’s unconscionable invasion is absolutely in America’s interest. However, we must do so in a responsible way. The U.S. is carrying a disproportionate load of the globe’s military donations to Ukraine — adding $4.5 billion more in non-military aid is irresponsible.    


“Congress should reject this bill, and start a better appropriations process, avoiding the lame-duck altogether.” 

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