Heritage Launches ‘The Kevin Roberts Show,’ New Podcast Featuring Newsmaker Interviews and Conservative Solutions

Heritage Launches ‘The Kevin Roberts Show,’ New Podcast Featuring Newsmaker Interviews and Conservative Solutions

Feb 16, 2022 3 min read

WASHINGTON—The Heritage Foundation today announced the launch of a new podcast hosted by Heritage President Kevin Roberts.  

The video and audio podcast, “The Kevin Roberts Show,” will focus on the critical public policy challenges facing America and feature interviews with members of Congress and other newsmakers. Roberts will outline conservative solutions that benefit Americans, advance our interests, and strengthen our country’s standing in the world.  

The podcast’s inaugural episode focuses on the existential challenge of our time—the rise of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its aggressive expansion across the globe.  

Roberts is joined for the premiere by Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., who has been a stalwart voice in Congress warning of the CCP’s military advances, calling out its leaders for covering up their role in unleashing the coronavirus pandemic on the world, and pushing back on their efforts to undermine U.S. influence with our partners and allies. 

In this episode, Cotton warns specifically about the CCP’s growing influence in the United States:  

“I think in many cases [elected officials] are representing the interests of the China lobby here in America. Unfortunately, China and its growing economy has spread its tentacles throughout American society to the extent that they have a vast and influential lobby in the quarters of power in Washington. … Hollywood is deeply, deeply in the pocket of Beijing, both for money to fund its own movie production, but also to get market access in China. Likewise, giant corporations that have outsourced so much of their basic manufacturing, not only costing jobs here at home, but also giving China more influence in corporate America, which then gets reflected in Washington, as well.” 

“The Kevin Roberts Show” will regularly feature Heritage Foundation experts. In his first episode, Roberts speaks to Senior Research Fellow Dean Cheng about China.  

Roberts made the following statement on the launch of “The Kevin Roberts Show”: 

“I believe Americans have reason to be hopeful about the future, despite the chaos and confusion being thrust upon us by the American left today. Conservatives have the ideas that work, and it’s time for us to truly go on offense at all levels of government. I am excited to engage with Heritage members, deep thinkers in the conservative movement, and indeed, for anyone else who watches or listen to learn more about conservatism.  


“This podcast is the product of careful planning and thoughtful creativity by Heritage, which plays such a vital role in helping the American people understand the policy fights in Washington, and giving them the tools to get involved, as well. I look forward to using this podcast as a means of not only building bridges within the conservative movement, but also creating momentum for good policy that makes life better for Americans.”  

Listeners can subscribe to “The Kevin Roberts Show” on Ricochet, Spotify, Acast, Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, and more. The podcast will also be available on Heritage’s YouTube and Rumble channels.   

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