Heritage Invites NYT, FedEx To HQ For Tax Cut Debate

Heritage Invites NYT, FedEx To HQ For Tax Cut Debate

Nov 22, 2019 1 min read

WASHINGTON – Over the past week the New York Times took aim at FedEx over a low tax bill and their handling of savings from President Trump’s tax reform. Following the Times’ report FedEx chairman and CEO Frederick W. Smith dismissed the Times’ misleading arguments and challenged The New York Times to a debate over the 2017 tax cuts and their benefits to the American worker and economy.

Writing in The Daily SignalAdam Michel, Heritage tax expert and informal advisor to the White House on the 2017 tax cuts, said:

The Heritage Foundation invites The Times and FedEx to our headquarters in Washington, D.C., for this discussion on corporate taxes, the effects of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and the economic benefits being enjoyed by American workers. In the spirit of public understanding, we welcome a co-hosting organization, critical of the benefits of the 2017 tax cuts, to join us putting on this event.


“The Times’ story, and Smith’s reaction, highlight the need for a more thorough understanding of how to honestly evaluate business taxes and their impact on American workers. We welcome the opportunity to continue to shed light on this topic by facilitating further discussions.

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