Heritage Foundation Launches “The Charge” Newsletter, Focused on Energy and Environment

Heritage Foundation Launches “The Charge” Newsletter, Focused on Energy and Environment

Oct 20, 2022 2 min read

WASHINGTON— Today, The Heritage Foundation announced the launch of ‘”The Charge,” a newsletter focused on energy, climate, and environment policy. Released every two weeks, “The Charge” will provide insight into the latest energy and environment news, and expert analysis of the left’s costly energy policy that is resulting in high gasoline prices and electricity bills. 

The first edition of “The Charge” covers all the latest news, including what’s going on with gas prices, how President Biden can lower energy prices by increasing U.S. production, how energy price hikes are hitting the European Union and the U.K., and California’s attack on the cars Americans love to buy and drive.  

Diana Furchtgott-Roth, director of Heritage’s Center on Energy, Climate, and Environment, released the following statement announcing the newsletter:  

“The more Americans get the facts about the Biden administration’s energy and environmental policies, the more they realize that high energy prices are a self-inflicted wound. Policies that send American manufacturing and energy production overseas hurt American workers and do nothing to reduce global emissions. The energy crisis in Europe has taught the world the value of energy independence, and this means that America should develop her own resources, and not rely on other countries.  


“The Charge will help readers see why we must reduce barriers to innovation and push back against President Biden’s neglect of America’s oil and gas resources and subsidies for green energy. We present Americans with an energy agenda that will lead our country back to economic prosperity and help protect Americans from higher energy prices across the board.”  

Read the first edition, and sign up for, The Charge to keep on top of energy and environmental issues. 

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