Heritage Foundation Launches Oversight Project

Heritage Foundation Launches Oversight Project

Jan 20, 2022 3 min read

WASHINGTON—The Heritage Foundation today announced the launch of a new initiative aimed at increasing aggressive oversight of the Biden administration and the political and corporate enablers of the leftist regime.  

The Oversight Project will be led by Mike Howell, an attorney with experience on both of the top oversight committees of Capitol Hill and in the executive branch, and Mark Morgan, who most recently led the largest law enforcement agency in the country at U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Morgan has extensive experience in investigations and oversight after decades of service with the FBI, including as deputy assistant director of the agency’s Inspection Division.   

Heritage President Kevin Roberts released the following statement about the project: 

“The Heritage Foundation is going on offense to expose the Biden regime and its enablers on Capitol Hill, in the administrative state, and at the state and local level across the nation. Our new Oversight Project will be dedicated to investigating and exposing the Biden administration, policymakers, and anyone else engaged in the destructive work of implementing radical leftist policy.  


“We will work closely with conservative legislators at the federal, state, and local level to ensure that not only are they performing relentless oversight, but are also achieving true accountability. We will conduct our own independent investigations, supported by our best-in-class research team, unmatched communications apparatus, and our grassroots partners at Heritage Action. We are also launching this project to better partner with and support our friends in the conservative movement who are also charging up hills to fight the left. As they look for more institutional support, my message is clear: The Heritage Foundation is here to provide it. 


“Time is running out. We cannot rely on legacy media, Big Tech, or government institutions to provide a truthful accounting of the damage being inflicted to our republic and the rights and freedoms for which it stands. ”  

BACKGROUND: The Oversight Project will actively and aggressively provide meaningful oversight and accountability through in-house oversight operations, and also serve as a resource for the conservative movement. The administrative state will never investigate itself, but even worse is that Washington has made it increasingly more difficult for concerned citizens to understand what happens in the swamp. Heritage is home to professionals with experience investigating the administrative state and deep policy experience that can make sense of the damage being wrought, and who can help others in state capitals and the conservative movement hold our government accountable.  

Americans deserve to know the truth about the left’s destructive efforts to undermine and remake our republic. Consider the Biden border crisis—there remains a great deal of light to be shone on the entities that not only conspired to open America’s borders, but encouraged and facilitated the worst border crisis in our history that has allowed lethal drugs and criminal illegal aliens to flow freely into the United States. The individuals responsible for purposefully creating this crisis, both inside and outside government, need to be exposed and held accountable so future generations will think twice before trying such schemes that sacrifice our security. 

Oversight is not just something that happens behind the scenes. Heritage has taken elected and administration officials to task with increasing frequency by issuing fact-checks that most in the media simply refuse to do. Americans can visit Heritage’s Fact-Check page for takedowns on false statements about the Biden border crisis, economy, and more.  

The Daily Signal, the media arm of The Heritage Foundation, has also devoted substantial resources to investigative journalism, and will continue to cover stories of government corruption and incompetence. The Daily Signal’s investigative work has been cited across other major media platforms, including Fox News, New York Times, Washington Examiner, and the Daily Wire. The Daily Signal’s team of reporters will build out this capability even further in 2022, filing an increasing number of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and rooting out corruption in critical fields like education.