Heritage Foundation Founder Ed Feulner on the Death of Thomas "Dusty" Rhodes

Heritage Foundation Founder Ed Feulner on the Death of Thomas "Dusty" Rhodes

Mar 11, 2018 1 min read

Heritage Foundation Founder Ed Feulner issued the following statement on the death of Dusty Rhodes:

"Dusty Rhodes was a gentleman, a businessman, a visionary, and a dear friend to me for many, many years. He was a warm, engaging and decent man. From our time as classmates at Wharton in the 60’s, through his work here at Heritage, and during his fight with Parkinson’s, I have always counted him a vanguard, a standard-bearer, and a warrior for the liberty we cherish as Americans. He deployed his impressive business acumen to advance the ideas that awoke the conservative movement. His impact as chairman of the Bradley Foundation – which, among other things, financed the startup of the National Review and the Heritage project that became Townhall.com – was immeasurable but remains clearly resonant across the landscape of conservativism. There is much more to say about a man who meant very much to so many. I pray that Dusty’s dear wife, Gleaves, and the rest of their family find comfort in knowing that this great man is right now in the presence of our Great Lord, so he is not really gone, but waiting."

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