Heritage Foundation, Daily Signal Announce New Presence on Rumble

Heritage Foundation, Daily Signal Announce New Presence on Rumble

Feb 3, 2022 2 min read

WASHINGTON—The Heritage Foundation and The Daily Signal today announced the launch of new accounts on Rumble, the burgeoning new social media platform created to provide a forum founded on free speech and rejection of cancel culture.  

Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts had the following to say about these new moves in the social media space: 

“Heritage has always embraced innovation and technology that allows Americans to share ideas and exercise the rights to free speech our First Amendment guarantees. We’re thrilled to widen the horizon for spreading our message of liberty, prosperity, and security—one that continues to resonate across the nation—to viewers on Rumble. 


“Under the guise of combatting misinformation, Big Tech has continually encroached on these rights, working against the common good by exploiting our free market to suppress the voices of Americans. We applaud platforms like Rumble for creating forums where individuals can more freely communicate. Heritage will continue adapting our work to whatever medium presents itself as an effective one for expanding our reach.”

Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski also released the following statement about Heritage’s involvement with the platform:  

“We are excited to have one of the world’s most influential think tanks—The Heritage Foundation—become part of the Rumble family. Rumble is restoring the internet to its roots by making it free and open once again. We are pleased to welcome another prominent voice for freedom to our platform.” 

Rumble describes itself as “a high-growth neutral video platform that is creating the rails and independent infrastructure designed to be immune to cancel culture.” Its mission is “to restore the internet to its roots by making it free and open once again.” In December, the company announced a business combination agreement with CF Acquisition Corp. VI. Learn more about Rumble here

Follow Heritage’s and The Daily Signal’s new accounts here and here. 

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