Heritage Foundation Announces New Innovation Prize for Charlotte Lozier Institute’s Efforts to Protect Life

Heritage Foundation Announces New Innovation Prize for Charlotte Lozier Institute’s Efforts to Protect Life

Nov 14, 2022 3 min read

WASHINGTON—The Heritage Foundation announced Monday that it has selected the Charlotte Lozier Institute as a recipient of the Heritage Innovation Prize. The research organization will receive a $65,000 award in support of its work to determine the tangible, real-world consequences of abortion for women, families, and communities in the United States in the wake of the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in the Dobbs case.  

Heritage’s award will help the Charlotte Lozier Institute fund the research and publication of a series of high-quality, holistic, and thorough reports on the economic consequences of legalized abortion in the United States, and provide policymakers with the information they need to implement policies that protect life. 

Heritage launched the Innovation Prize earlier this year to provide financial support to organizations executing bold ideas and providing innovative solutions to the most pressing issues facing America.     

Kevin Roberts, president of The Heritage Foundation, released the following statement upon announcement of the award:  

“Life is the most precious gift given us by God, and how we value and protect that gift speaks volumes about who we are as a people. I am so encouraged to see groups like the Charlotte Lozier Institute continuing that fight. In the wake of the Dobbs decision, a host of pro-life groups have been working to achieve legislative protections for life, and that work must continue. Part of winning in state capitals and in the imperial city of Washington, D.C., though, is making sure policymakers and the American people can see the devastating consequences of abortion for themselves. That’s why this work of the Charlotte Lozier Institute is so critical, and I am eager to see the impact they will have in building a culture of life in the nation.” 

Chuck Donovan, president of the Charlotte Lozier Institute, also released a statement upon receiving the award:   

“Good policy is built on good data. Charlotte Lozier Institute is grateful to The Heritage Foundation for investing in our innovative research to examine the economic consequences of legalized abortion in the United States, which will provide policymakers and community leaders the insights necessary to craft short- and long-term pro-woman and pro-family initiatives in the Dobbs era. For too long, the abortion industry and their allies in the media have weaponized flawed data to promote the hopeless narrative that killing the weak and vulnerable confers economic or societal stability. Thanks to this support from Heritage, Charlotte Lozier Institute will leverage comprehensive data to examine and expose the real-world impact of abortion.” 

The Heritage Innovation Prize recognizes and provides substantive financial awards totaling up to $1 million annually to results-oriented nonprofits for projects involving research, litigation, education, outreach, or communications, particularly those focused on empowering parents in education, holding Big Tech accountable, countering the threat of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), securing America’s borders and reducing crime, ensuring free and fair elections, reducing the growth of spending and inflation, and promoting life and family formation.  

The winners of the first-ever Heritage Innovation Prize earlier this year were Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), Independent Women’s Forum (IWF), and the State Financial Officers Foundation (SFOF). Each organization received $100,000, sponsored by The Heritage Foundation’s robust endowment fund for innovative conservative projects.  

For more information about the inaugural awards of the Innovation Prize, read here. For more information about the prize itself, read here


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