Heritage Exposes 5 Biggest Lies on Critical Race Theory, Helping Parents Fight Back

Heritage Exposes 5 Biggest Lies on Critical Race Theory, Helping Parents Fight Back

Feb 2, 2022 1 min read

WASHINGTON—As parents and other Americans stand up to stop critical race theory and divisive concepts from being forced on children in classrooms, The Heritage Foundation today released a new video that exposes the five biggest lies that CRT proponents use to push their toxic ideology on students.

“Parents and concerned Americans are fighting back,” says Heritage’s Scott Zipperle in the video. “This is a battle between two fundamentally different ways of life. It is between loving your neighbor regardless of what race they are or viewing one’s race as an essential determinant of whether they are a good person or not.”

Zipperle lays out facts to dispute the following lies:

  • Lie No. 1: Critical race theory is not being taught in schools.
  • Lie No. 2: CRT is just a way to give certain groups a voice.
  • Lie No. 3: CRT is not a Marxist theory.
  • Lie No. 4: Those opposed to CRT are trying to hide American history.
  • Lie No. 5: CRT is just a conservative talking point.

“We’re caring enough to show up and challenge school boards and administrators, prove them wrong, know the truth, recognize disinformation, and take action,” he adds. “That is how we win.”

Watch the full video here.

To see more of Heritage’s work exposing the truth about CRT in schools and broader society, check out resources at https://www.heritage.org/crt.

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