Heritage Experts: Texas, States Should Welcome Fight With Biden Administration on Border Security

Heritage Experts: Texas, States Should Welcome Fight With Biden Administration on Border Security

Jul 8, 2022 2 min read

WASHINGTON—James Carafano, Heritage vice president for national security and foreign policy, Lora Ries, director of Heritage’s Border Security and Immigration Center, and Mark Morgan, former acting CBP commissioner and Heritage Foundation visiting fellow, released the following statement Friday in response to Texas Governor Greg Abbott announcing that Texas law enforcement will begin returning illegal aliens to the border at ports of entry: 

“The federal government has a sacred responsibility to secure the nation’s borders and keep Americans safe. The Biden administration has utterly failed in that responsibility.  


“Instead, Joe Biden, Alejandro Mayorkas, and the open-border advocates setting immigration policy have knowingly and intentionally created a national security, humanitarian, and constitutional crisis at the border. Biden has clearly violated the Constitution’s ‘Take Care’ clause by not enforcing our nation’s immigration laws, and his border crisis has turned every state in our Union into a border state. The leading cause of death among Americans 18-45 is now fentanyl, thanks to the record amounts of the narcotic flowing into our country. More than 800,000 got-aways, many of them hardened criminals and other dangerous individuals, have entered our country since Biden took office. And millions more have illegally crossed our borders and overwhelmed our Border Patrol, who are past their breaking point.   


“If the Biden administration refuses to enforce the law at our border, and indeed actively chooses to undermine it, every state should have the right and responsibility to make use of all available legal options to defend their citizens and their sovereignty. This is especially true when the citizens of the most-affected states, such as Texas and Arizona, are experiencing immense suffering and devastation as a direct result of this crisis. 


“Governor Abbott’s decision to return illegal aliens to ports of entry is a positive step, though more work remains to be done. Other states should follow Texas’ lead and force the Biden administration to declare whose side it is on—that of the American people or the cartels and illegal aliens flooding across our border. No doubt the administration will choose the route of litigation and try to prevent states from fixing the mess Biden and his minions have intentionally caused. Texas should stand firm for Texans and all Americans. Every state official concerned about open borders should welcome that fight.  


“While this action may ultimately end up in the courts, the states should see this as an opportunity to finally undo the damage caused by the Supreme Court’s 2013 decision in Arizona v. United States. Heritage will continue to fight for every state’s right to defend itself from Biden’s unlawful actions.”