Heritage Experts Respond to Administration Renewing Eligibility for DACA Recipients

Heritage Experts Respond to Administration Renewing Eligibility for DACA Recipients

Jul 29, 2020 1 min read

WASHINGTON – Heritage’s Lora Ries, senior research fellow for homeland security, and Mike Howell, senior advisor for executive branch relations, released the following response Wednesday to the Trump administration’s move to extend eligibility for current DACA recipients while the administration formulates its response to the recent Supreme Court ruling on its rescinding of the program:

“Amnesty for illegal immigrants only begets more illegal immigration, increases the stress on America’s incredibly generous immigration system, and undermines the rule of law.


“President Trump acted correctly to undo the unconstitutional overreach of the Obama administration in implementing the DACA amnesty program. However, due to the Supreme Court’s poorly decided ruling overturning that action, albeit perhaps only temporarily, the program remains intact.


“Unfortunately, the administration has announced a plan to extend DACA benefits by a year for hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients while the administration responds to the court’s decision. Although the administration will exclude any new beneficiaries from this illegal amnesty program, conservatives are right to be disappointed that DACA continues to live on.


“The administration should not only seek to end DACA outright, but should maintain its strong stance on immigration enforcement. That means no new applications or renewals of DACA eligibility. Additionally, the president should take action to end the practice of granting birthright citizenship to the children of illegal aliens, significantly increase interior enforcement, and enact policies that end the practice of sanctuary cities.


“Instead of focusing on actions that legitimize DACA, the administration should be laser-focused on the Supreme Court’s guidance and making an ironclad case for the president’s ability to end this amnesty program and restore common sense to America’s immigration system.”