Heritage Experts Fact-Check Biden’s False and Misleading Claims

Heritage Experts Fact-Check Biden’s False and Misleading Claims

Apr 28, 2021 1 min read

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WASHINGTON – Heritage Foundation policy experts responded Wednesday evening to President Biden’s far-left address to a joint session of Congress. Biden’s speech featured not only calls for unprecedented, massive new spending but also a radical, far-left agenda disguised as “recovery” or “aid for American families.” Heritage experts called out the president for various false and misleading statements he made during his speech. In addition, The Daily Signal featured real-time analysis and commentary on Biden’s radical policy proposals and socialist ideas.

Some of his false and misleading statements called out by Heritage experts include the following:

Heritage has been at the forefront of fact-checking the Biden administration on some of its most controversial and dishonest claims, especially about the ongoing border crisis and the security situation at the border. At a time when many fact checkers in the media are just as partisan and biased as political operatives, the truth can be hard to come by. However, Heritage experts are committed to delivering the truth to all Americans, and highlighting the facts as they are, not how some might wish them to be.

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