Heritage Expert Responds to Massive $1 Trillion Spending Bill

Heritage Expert Responds to Massive $1 Trillion Spending Bill

Jun 19, 2019 1 min read

Washington, D.C. —  Justin Bogie, Heritage Foundation senior policy analyst in fiscal affairs released the following response after the House passed its first fiscal year 2020 spending bill:

House Democrats foreshadowed their plan to spend without restraint by failing to put forth a fiscal year 2020 budget resolution earlier this year. With the passage of the first fiscal year 2020 “minibus” appropriations package, their fiscally reckless agenda became clear.


The massive $1 trillion spending bill passed today busts the Budget Control Act spending caps, ignores the mounting national debt crisis, and directs increased funding to inefficient, wasteful programs that the federal government has no business in.


Thankfully, the Senate is yet to pass a budget or begin debating spending bills. The Senate should adopt a budget resolution holding to the total Budget Control Act cap for 2020. It should then work with the House to develop appropriations bills prioritizing constitutional responsibilities, such as national defense, without increasing deficit spending.


The appropriations process is an opportunity for Congress to take steps toward restoring fiscal sanity. If lawmakers don’t get serious now, every American will pay a heavy price.

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