Heritage Expert on Lack of Subsidy Reforms in House Farm Bill

Heritage Expert on Lack of Subsidy Reforms in House Farm Bill

Jun 21, 2018 1 min read

Prior to the House’s vote this afternoon on the Farm Bill, Heritage agriculture expert Daren Bakst had the following to say:


“The House farm bill, H.R. 2, fails to end cronyism and does nothing to reform the out-of-control agriculture subsidy system. A month ago, the House rejected this bill only to bring back the exact same, equally flawed legislation for another vote. H.R. 2 still expands loopholes allowing non-farmers to receive farm handouts, creates more dependence on the federal government by providing taxpayer-funded subsidies to powerful, well-connected millionaires, and ignores reforms advanced by the Trump Administration and other reforms that easily passed the House and Senate in the past. The bill is a subsidy wish list for agricultural special interests and that is why the House should go back and try again to get things right.”

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