Heritage Expert Applauds Executive Order to Strengthen Medicare

Heritage Expert Applauds Executive Order to Strengthen Medicare

Oct 3, 2019 1 min read

Washington, DC—President Trump today will sign an executive order aimed at strengthening Medicare’s fiscal position and offering more affordable plan options for seniors. Heritage Foundation senior fellow Robert Moffit offered the following response:

“President Trump and his administration have improved Medicare in ways that have led to better results for seniors and U.S. taxpayers. The president’s regulatory relief for Medicare has been accompanied by greater competition and better premium rates for seniors.”

“Today’s executive order builds on that success but Congress should make this regulatory relief into permanent law. Beyond Medicare, lawmakers can provide Americans with lower health care prices and more coverage options by transitioning away from government-run health programs and toward a health system that relies on private coverage and lets patients to choose the coverage that works best for them.”

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