Heritage Analysts Respond to Republican Study Committee FY2020 Budget

Heritage Analysts Respond to Republican Study Committee FY2020 Budget

May 2, 2019 1 min read

Romina Boccia, director of the Grover M. Hermann Center for the Federal Budget, and Justin Bogie, senior policy analyst in fiscal affairs, released the following statement on the Republican Study Committee FY2020 Budget:


The American people deserve a federal budget that is fiscally sound and that funds constitutionally-mandated national priorities. Congress must seize opportunities through the annual budget and appropriations process to make a down payment on the government’s growing debt, and to pursue conservative policy reforms.


The Republican Study Committee’s budget proposal, “Preserving American Freedom,” would rein in Washington’s unsustainable spending addiction and refocus the federal government on core constitutional functions. The plan prioritizes funding for actual national priorities, while reducing taxes.


The RSC’s budget takes important steps to reform the key drivers of spending and debt. The proposal addresses many flawed government policies that have erected barriers between doctors and patients over health care decisions. It also proposes commonsense reforms to make Social Security solvent without raising taxes on workers and while improving benefits for lower-income earners.


By reducing inappropriate and wasteful spending and right-sizing the federal government, the RSC proposal would balance the budget in six years and put the national debt on a downward path.


The Democratic House Budget Committee members failed to meet their obligation and statutory requirement to pursue a budget resolution this year. The RSC’s plan presents a bold vision for a freer, more prosperous future that conservatives can unite around.

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