Fighting for America’s Future: Heritage President Kevin Roberts on 2022 Election Results

Fighting for America’s Future: Heritage President Kevin Roberts on 2022 Election Results

Nov 9, 2022 2 min read

WASHINGTON—Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts made the following statement Wednesday about the 2022 midterm election results: 

“Conservatives made important gains on Election Day—both in our state capitals and the halls of Congress. Battle-tested conservative governors won resounding victories, while the incoming Republican-controlled U.S. House will bring much-needed accountability to the Biden administration. With several U.S. Senate races still undecided, we eagerly await the results and makeup of the next Congress. 


“Those candidates who emerged victorious had something in common: They demonstrated bold leadership, with a clear policy agenda that improves the lives of everyday Americans. The future of conservatism remains bright because of leaders like Ron DeSantis, Brian Kemp, Greg Abbott, J.D. Vance, Ted Budd, and so many others who are committed to fighting for America’s future. 


“The darlings of the Left—namely Beto O’Rourke, Stacey Abrams, and Charlie Crist—were soundly rejected by voters in Texas, Georgia, and Florida, respectively. Their radical, left-wing ideology has no place in those states or anywhere. 


“For two years, Americans suffered from the Left’s unchecked policies that led to record high inflation, the border crisis, the crime wave, and the woke war on American parents and families. Now, conservatives must exercise thoughtful leadership and deliver a policy agenda that works for every American. The Heritage Foundation will be there—in state capitals and Congress—to do the hard work. 


“In the states, Heritage looks forward to working with governors and state legislators to enact policies that rescue families struggling under the Biden economy, restore law and order, and put parents back in charge of their kids’ education. Conservatives must deliver on these promises and show that they are willing to fight for the future of America. 


“There’s also good reason to be optimistic for the newly elected Republican-controlled House and potentially Senate. Not only does this end Nancy Pelosi’s rule that has defined the Imperial City of Washington, but it also puts conservatives in a position to hold the Biden administration accountable. Oversight must be the No. 1 priority and start on day one of the 118th Congress. Heritage’s Oversight Project is ready to work alongside lawmakers to ensure this happens. 


“At a time when many Americans are desperate for bold leadership and fresh ideas, Heritage will serve as America’s outpost in our nation’s capital—representing the forgotten men and women, and ensuring policymakers deliver on the promises made to voters.”