Durham Filing Reveals ‘High-Tech Watergate’: Heritage’s Mike Howell

Durham Filing Reveals ‘High-Tech Watergate’: Heritage’s Mike Howell

Feb 14, 2022 1 min read

WASHINGTON—The Heritage Foundation’s Mike Howell, who leads Heritage’s Conservative Oversight Project, released the following statement Monday regarding Special Counsel John Durham’s Feb. 11 filing revealing that a technology company working with the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign improperly used its access to internet servers at the White House to spy on President Donald Trump.  

Spying on the president of the United States and infiltrating the White House to do so are criminal acts. The allegations in Special Counsel John Durham’s filing are evidence of a high-tech Watergate. Concocting a disinformation campaign to falsely accuse Donald Trump of colluding with a foreign power is terrible enough, but these dirty tricks, which may have been paid for by the Clinton campaign, take the scheme to an unconscionable level of criminality.


The American people not only deserve to know who was involved—and the level of coordination with the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton—but every conspirator involved in this act of political espionage must be outed, publicly shamed, and held accountable. 


Unfortunately, we cannot rely on legacy media to perform its most basic duties in covering the matter. After years of parroting the left’s false collusion narrative, politically motivated news organizations are largely refusing to acknowledge this scandal. While the special counsel’s work must proceed uninhibited, Congress should make ample use of its oversight powers to immediately get answers and ensure bipartisan accountability. We must ensure the American people fully understand what happened so they will demand better leadership.

Heritage launched the Conservative Oversight Project earlier this year to give policymakers and concerned Americans the tools they need to hold the Biden administration and its leftist enablers accountable. Check out Fox News’ exclusive on the project here.