Clint Brown to Join Heritage as Vice President of Government Relations

Clint Brown to Join Heritage as Vice President of Government Relations

Sep 22, 2022 3 min read

WASHINGTON—The Heritage Foundation announced Thursday that Clint Brown is joining the organization as vice president of government relations.   

Brown joins Heritage with a long track record of policy experience on Capitol Hill and in the conservative movement. Prior to joining Heritage, he was executive director of the influential Senate Steering Committee, chaired by Utah Sen. Mike Lee. He also currently serves as an adjunct professor in legislative and political writing for the University of Alabama School of Law.  

As executive director of the Senate Steering Committee, Brown was responsible for crafting and executing political and communications strategies to turn the ideas and vision of a Senate Steering Committee members into reality. He advised senators across the caucus on communications, policy, and strategy. He also played a critical role in bringing together high-performing and high-profile leaders in the Senate to work in concert to pursuit common goals and unite around a shared policy vision. 

At Heritage, Brown will work alongside Vice President of Government Relations Eric Teetsel to engage lawmakers and administration officials on behalf of Heritage, representing Heritage interests and perspectives on the key policy fights to Congress and the executive branch, and implementing Heritage’s robust policy agenda. He will oversee a department that conducts hundreds of policy events a year and maintains robust engagement with key policy stakeholders throughout the federal government.  

Another key aspect of his role will be to build successful coalitions of like-minded allies in the conservative movement, inside and outside government, to accomplish key policy goals and prepare the next presidential administration to undo the damage the caused by the Biden administration and ensure the next administration is positioned to succeed from day one.  

Brown has served in the legal and political arena for more than a decade. Prior to returning to the Senate Steering Committee in 2019 as executive director, he served as the legal policy director of the Pacific Legal Foundation, policy director of the Steering Committee, assistant counsel for the Senate Budget Committee, and legislative correspondent for former Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions. He was also a Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute.  

Brown earned his juris doctor from the University of Alabama School of Law in 2014, and his undergraduate degree in public administration from Auburn.  

Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts released the following statement on Brown’s joining the Heritage team:   

“Everything we are doing at Heritage is driven by one priority—achieving policy wins for the American people that give everyone more freedom, more opportunity, and more ability to succeed in this amazing country we are blessed to live in. We are on offense every single day, fighting on behalf of the forgotten Americans who see that the Swamp has left them behind, and is rapidly turning the country they love into a socialist nightmare. That’s why we hired Clint to supercharge our government relations team and deliver results for the American people. Conservative patriots like Clint who know what time it is in America. A time to fight.  I’m looking forward to going into battle with him.”  

Senator Lee released the following statement on Brown’s joining Heritage:  

“Clint Brown has provided excellent advice and counsel to me and the Senate Steering Committee through some unprecedented times. His strategic vision has served Senate conservatives well in accomplishing our goals on behalf of our constituents and the country. The Heritage Foundation is an unparalleled resource for the conservative movement. I look forward to seeing what Heritage will accomplish with Clint on the team. 

Brown also released a statement on joining the Heritage team:  

“The Heritage Foundation, under Kevin Roberts’s leadership, is well positioned to fight to ensure that the blessings of the United States of America continue in our lifetime and exist for future Americans. The policy minds and thought leaders at Heritage know what needs to be done to win the battle for the soul of America. And winning is exactly what we will do. It has been the honor of a lifetime to serve Sen. Lee and the Senate Steering Committee. I’m looking forward to continuing the fight at Heritage. 

The Heritage Foundation also recently announced that Eric Teetsel, former chief of staff to Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley, was also joining the organization as vice president of government relations. Read that announcement and more about his background here.  

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