As Anniversary of Dobbs Decision Approaches, Heritage VP Calls for More Life Protections

As Anniversary of Dobbs Decision Approaches, Heritage VP Calls for More Life Protections

Jun 22, 2023 1 min read

Heritage will fly this flag on its headquarters and at other locations around the country to celebrate the Dobbs anniversary. The Heritage Foundation

WASHINGTON—Almost one year ago in Dobbs v. Jackson, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and finally allowed the people to protect innocent unborn life through state and federal law.

Roger Severino, Heritage’s vice president of domestic policy, released the following statement:

“The 50-year struggle to overturn Roe shows how strong and committed the life movement is to protecting babies and their mothers from the evils of abortion.

“Since Dobbs we’ve seen incredible legislative wins across the country that have saved tens of thousands of lives. Sadly, liberal states, woke corporations, and our own president would rather those precious children’s lives had been ended in the womb. We still face a well-funded anti-life ideology that promotes abortion up until birth and would rather have taxpayers fund abortion than life-affirming options for women.

“No child is disposable, and none should have their life taken away when they have done absolutely nothing wrong and merely need time enough to be born. The Heritage Foundation will continue to advocate for pro-life policies that protect unborn life in law, end taxpayer funding for abortion giants like Planned Parenthood, end dangerous self-induced chemical abortions, provide mothers life-affirming options and support—with the ultimate goal of making abortion unthinkable.

“Americans will not rest until abortion is eradicated from our society.”

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