Why We Speak with One Voice

Why We Speak with One Voice

For more than 50 years, The Heritage Foundation has maintained a conservative influence on public policy on behalf of the American people. 

While many policy organizations exist as a collection of independent scholars, Heritage is designed as a highly collaborative enterprise, where staff work together for maximum impact. As part of our team approach, Heritage employees always publicly advocate for a single, unified position. 

Speaking with one voice is a distinguishing piece of The Heritage Foundation’s strategic advantage. While other organizations may have experts advocating contradictory points of view, Heritage employees are always rowing in the same direction. 

This ensures that Heritage solutions are always holistic. For example, we believe that good economic policy must preserve strong families, just as good family policy must be fiscally responsible. Our domestic, foreign, and legal policy teams collaborate to consider the full implications of their recommendations on the American people, then promote the singular solution on which they agree. 

As a result of our one voice approach, Heritage can provide bold leadership for a clear conservative agenda. When opportunities arise, Heritage can quickly mobilize our entire policy, communications, government relations, and grassroots teams to act as a cohesive front. 

Speaking from a unified platform, Heritage staff actively shape important policy battles on Capitol Hill, in state capitals, in the media, and in conversations with everyday Americans. Each year, we communicate with tens of millions of people through our research, websites, TV and radio, and social media. 

The Heritage Foundation encourages robust internal debate as we determine our policy positions. We foster regular opportunities to solicit candid feedback, from private discussions to monthly all-staff townhalls. 

While adhering to one voice, Heritage often joins publications, events, and coalitions with partner organizations that represent a wide range of perspectives. For example, our 2025 Presidential Transition Project is convening more than 50 groups from across the conservative movement to pave the way for an effective conservative administration. 

Our longstanding commitment to speaking with one voice continues to offer a unique advantage. Americans trust The Heritage Foundation as their outpost in Washington, not because of a particular policy expert but because of our entire institution’s permanent effort to revitalize the American promise of self-governance. 

Heritage is the nation’s most broadly supported public policy research institute, with more than half a million members. Because of our steadfast policy stances, our supporters can have confidence that their investments are well-placed. We will always uphold our commitments to promote conservative solutions that build an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society flourish.