Same-Day Voter Registration

Election Integrity

Same-Day Voter Registration



A. An elector shall not vote in an election pursuant to the laws of [state] unless the elector has been registered to vote as a resident within the boundaries or the proposed boundaries of the election district for which the election is being conducted.

B. The registration of any individual seeking to cast a ballot in any election within [state] must be received by the [applicable state or local election official] before [a selected date][1] preceding the date of the next election.

C. If the [selected date] preceding the date of the election falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or other legal holiday, voter registrations that are received on the next business day immediately following the Saturday, Sunday, or other legal holiday will be deemed to have been timely received for purposes of voting in that election.


[1] This model bill calls for registration to end 30 days before an election, but state legislators should consult with state and local election officials to determine how much time is needed to verify the information submitted by an applicant and whether the deadline can be shortened to 20 or 10 days before an election. No individual should be allowed to register and immediately vote.


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