The Heritage Foundation Is Ranked America’s Most Recognizable Think Tank


The Heritage Foundation Is Ranked America’s Most Recognizable Think Tank

August 2nd, 2019

A new survey of Americans confirms that The Heritage Foundation is the most recognizable think tank in the United States. The report was produced by We are Flint, a communications agency that helps public policy organizations communicate with the general public.

We are Flint focuses on studying think tanks in the United States and United Kingdom and their impact on the public debate. Its leaders have presented their survey data at the annual North American Think Tank Summit, sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania’s Think Tank and Civil Societies Program.

The latest study on U.S. think tanks surveyed 2,007 American adults over the age of 18. The sample was nationally representative by age, gender, and region, according to the report.

Tom Hashemi, lead communications strategist at We are Flint, specifically credits Heritage’s communications leadership as a key factor in its top ranking.

“We’ve long guessed that Heritage were ahead of the game when it comes to communications with the general public,” Hashemi wrote on Twitter.

“The Heritage Foundation is embracing new communications strategies to reach more people with our policy ideas,” says Rob Bluey, vice president of communications at Heritage and executive editor of The Daily Signal. “I am proud that this innovative, mission-centered work is making an impact. We’re excited to continue growing and sharing our solutions more broadly.”