From Power Player to Power List, Heritage Is Leading the Way


From Power Player to Power List, Heritage Is Leading the Way

May 4th, 2018

The Heritage Foundation’s new president, Kay Coles James, has been featured in a bevy of high-profile media interviews recently, underscoring the importance of her role and the impact of the organization.


“As Republicans and Democrats clash over ideas, both sides are supported by organizations that supply data and research,” said Fox News’ Chris Wallace as he introduced a segment about James on “Fox News Sunday” on April 29.


“In this intellectual arms race, there is no bigger figure than our Power Player of the Week.”



“The guiding mission of this institution is to be that true North for the conservative movement,” James said in the interview.


Fox’s interview came on the heels of a similar feature on James in Politico Playbook’s “Women to Watch” Power List


“Even in the tumultuous Trump-era Washington, the Heritage Foundation has still proved to be the crown jewel of the conservative movement. And Kay Coles James, the president of the influential think tank, doesn’t see that changing anytime soon,” Politico wrote.


James also recently was featured in CQ’s “18 to Watch in 2018.”


“As the first African-American and first woman to head the staunchly conservative Heritage Foundation, Kay Coles James knows she is a pathbreaker,” CQ wrote. “She has called her appointment ‘the culmination of a personal journey and professional career.’”


“Mrs. James taking the helm at Heritage has been not only a ‘must cover’ story, but a true game-changing moment for the conservative movement that major media could not afford to ignore,” said Greg Scott, director of media relations for Heritage.

“As inspired as Heritage staff has been by Mrs. James’ leadership and her ‘Imagine America’ vision, it has also already reverberated across the media landscape,” he said. “What we have seen so far is only the beginning, and we are excited for what the future will bring.”