Heritage Scholar Produces 10 Articles for Prestigious Law and Policy Journals in 2020


Heritage Scholar Produces 10 Articles for Prestigious Law and Policy Journals in 2020

December 23rd, 2020

Paul Larkin has written numerous pieces for both The Heritage Foundation and prestigious law and policy journals. In 2020 alone, 10 of his articles were published.

Heritage Foundation scholars pride themselves on the quality, well-researched content they produce on some of the most pressing issues of the day. Paul Larkin, a senior legal research fellow in the Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, has led the way in 2020. 

This year, Larkin has released a staggering 10 articles for various law and policy journals, an incredible feat for even the most prolific scholar. The articles tackle a wide range of policy issues, including criminal law, federal marijuana law, and federal responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In addition to the 10 articles Larkin published this year, another five have been approved for release in 2021.  

“The depth and breadth of Paul’s scholarship never cease to amaze me,” said John Malcolm, vice president for the Institute for Constitutional Government and director of the Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies. “Whether he is writing about constitutional law, administrative law, criminal law, drug policy or the myriad other issues that he covers, Paul’s scholarship is widely read and admired by academics and often cited by judges, including justices on the Supreme Court. His views are sought by members of the executive and legislative branches at both the state and federal level.” 

Larkin’s work has received critical acclaim and has been cited by major figures in the legal world, including Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. In a 2019 case, Kisor v. Wilkie, Gorsuch cited Larkin’s work on the administrative state and the Chevron doctrine. In a later dissent from the 2019 case, Gamble vs. United States, Gorsuch cited Larkin’s work concerning double jeopardy and public choice.  

Larkin has been a prolific writer at Heritage for many years. Additionally, Larkin has appeared on numerous Heritage panels to promote some of his most impactful pieces. In a 2019 event, Larkin highlighted the link between extensive marijuana use and mental illness, as well as a hidden risk of violence linked to repeated use of the drug.  

View Larkin’s work for Heritage here.