Heritage Ranked No. 1 Globally for Impact on Public Policy


Heritage Ranked No. 1 Globally for Impact on Public Policy

Feb 1, 2018

According to an annual report released by the University of Pennsylvania, The Heritage Foundation is No. 1 when it comes to impact on public policy among a list of 60 other think tanks across the globe.

The “2017 Global Go-To Think Tank Index” includes 7,815 think tanks and ranks them in multiple categories. According to the report, more than 62,000 journalists, policymakers, public and private donors, and functional and regional area specialists participate in the process.

Heritage Foundation President Kay Coles James spoke at an event at the Wilson Center that served as the Washington, D.C., launch site of the index.

“We have had a profound opportunity as a think tank to influence the policy in this particular administration, both on the economic side and foreign-policy side, and on many of the domestic issues,” said James.

An analysis completed by Heritage recently determined that 64 percent of the policy prescriptions in its “Mandate for Leadership” series were included in President Donald Trump’s budget, implemented through regulatory guidance, or under consideration for action in accordance with The Heritage Foundation’s original proposals.

Heritage also ranked second in the category for “Think Tanks to Watch” and “Best Advocacy Campaign.” This is the 11th edition of the “Global Go-To Think Tank Index.”

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