Heritage Expert’s Book Makes Amazon, Washington Post Bestseller Lists


Heritage Expert’s Book Makes Amazon, Washington Post Bestseller Lists

Sep 3, 2019

“When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment” made its paperback debut in August and quickly made it’s ways onto The Washington Post’s DC paperback nonfiction bestseller list at No. 3. It is also currently No. 1 on Amazon’s bestsellers list in the “New Releases in Natural Law” category.

The book’s author, Ryan Anderson, Heritage’s William E. Simon fellow, published “When Harry Became Sally” in February 2018.

Prominent thought leaders and scholars have reviewed and raved about the book since its release. Paul Vitz, professor emeritus of psychology at New York University and senior scholar at the Institute for the Psychological Sciences, calls it a “must read.”

Mary Ann Glendon, a law professor at Harvard University, says the book “is an eminently readable and insightful guide for all who find themselves perplexed by today’s debates on gender identity.”

Paul McHugh, University Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, says “When Harry Became Sally provides the empirical information needed to refute the transgender suppositions, and―in a most original way―makes historic sense of this social misdirection.”

“When Harry Became Sally” tackles the most pressing and contested questions within the transgender debate: “Can a boy be ‘trapped’ in a girl’s body? Can modern medicine ‘reassign’ sex? Is our sex ‘assigned’ to us in the first place? What is the most loving response to a person experiencing a conflicted sense of gender? What should our law say on matters of ‘gender identity’?”

“The reactions to ‘When Harry Became Sally’ have been revealing,” says Anderson. “Some people on the left have grossly mischaracterized it with no sign of having ever read it. Two op-eds in the New York Times, for example, attacked the book. But it’s made a significant impact on a lot of people—left, right, and center—as my inbox, and the recent Washington Post bestseller list reveal.”

“When Harry Became Sally” can be purchased on Amazon or wherever books are sold.