Heritage Earns Top Ranking for Social Media Influence Again


Heritage Earns Top Ranking for Social Media Influence Again

May 11, 2022

Just as The Heritage Foundation ranked first in followers on every major social media platform but YouTube last year, it has done so yet again in 2022. Forbes contributor Alejandro Chafuen has been ranking free-market think tanks based on their social media performances for almost a decade now, and Heritage continues to lead the way.  

While many think tanks have experienced a reduction in followers after the worst of the pandemic hit, Chafuen explains in his 2022 report that few have experienced increases, and Heritage is part of that resilient group. Heritage has grown its reach on every platform but Facebook in 2022, yet still maintains its No. 1 ranking for Facebook followers.  

Based off Chafuen’s findings, Heritage has continued to attract the most Twitter followers, Facebook likes, LinkedIn connections, Instagram followers, and now, YouTube Top Video hits. Heritage has 140,000 Instagram followers, surpassing the next leading think tank on the Instagram platform by 100,000 followers.  

Table 1: Free-Market Think Tanks and Social Media Presence (In Thousands) 

Think Tanks and Social Media 2022

Selected free-market think tanks social media impact: presence in Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram. In thousands, first and second place in bold. YouTube video longer than 2 minutes. Data from first week of April 2022.
Credit: Alejandro Chafuen, Forbes

Heritage continues to increase its reach, especially on YouTube and Instagram, as it tailors its content to best engage its audiences. Last year, it started increasing followers by posting Instagram Reels—short, entertaining videos—and has continued to gain a following. 

Rob Bluey, vice president of communications at The Heritage Foundation, said, “From the time of our founding nearly 50 years ago to the advent of social media, Heritage has always prioritized communicating with the American people and their elected representatives. Even though we increasingly confront new challenges, including Big Tech censorship, social media platforms are still among the best ways for us to reach Americans with conservative solutions.”

Heritage’s goal is to use its social media content to provide Americans with the ideas, facts, and messaging they need to interpret the news and stand up for freedom.  

And even though Heritage has not yet taken first place for YouTube subscribers, it has grown those subscribers by over 20,000 from 203,000 to 226,000. On top of that strikingly successful progress, Heritage has also grown to take the No. 1 seat among free-market think tanks in the United States for top video views on YouTube. 

Heritage will continue to increase its reach on social media to “go on offense” for our nation, as President Kevin Roberts regularly reminds the American people. That also means building a following on emerging platforms like Instagram and Twitter. 

Heritage has also launched Roberts’ own podcast, “The Kevin Roberts Show.” This is a chance for listeners to hear Roberts interview other freedom-loving conservatives and listen to them discuss their solutions for the top issues facing America.  

The show is available on Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Ricochet, YouTube, and more. Heritage social media platforms promote Roberts’ show and Heritage’s other popular podcasts,  ensuring a greater reach for their message and providing listeners with helpful and relevant content that keeps them coming back.  

If you’re not already following Heritage on social media, you can do so at the links below.