Feulner Institute Arms Leaders Across America With Bold New Strategies


Feulner Institute Arms Leaders Across America With Bold New Strategies

December 20th, 2019

Less than a month after its launch, The Heritage Foundation’s Edwin J. Feulner Institute is off to an impressive start in its mission to safeguard the truth of the American creed and to demonstrate its validity and relevance to citizens across the county.

Most recently, the institute co-hosted its Innovation Strategy Meeting with the El Pomar Foundation in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Leaders from 13 states convened from Nov. 18-20 to discuss how to reaffirm, illuminate, explain, and disseminate the idea of American exceptionalism across the nation. Through strategy sessions and presentations, attendees learned best practices on how to present True North principles and American exceptionalism to communities where conservatism has never before taken root.

Experts from Heritage and allied conservative organizations shared research integral to that outreach mission, such as data from Heritage’s recent audience segmentation survey, which identified shared values, policy interests, and Americans’ receptivity to conservative principles.

The event was organized by Feulner Institute Vice President Angela Sailor with support from Executive Vice President Kim Holmes and Vice President of Policy Promotion Bridgett Wagner.

Attendees included leaders from the Bill of Rights Institute, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, Moms for America, the Hispanic Action Network, TeenPact, the Douglass Leadership Institute, and many other organizations. Also in attendance were Heritage Action Sentinels, a grassroots group of concerned citizens fighting for free-market and conservative principles in their local communities.

Attendees overwhelmingly praised the program, saying they would recommend future Feulner Institute events to their peers. They left better equipped to make the case for American exceptionalism and demonstrate how the American idea is the most just, most equitable, most hopeful, and least corrupt of all existing systems. These American values provide the surest path to merit-based opportunity and prosperity.

Founded in October 2019, the Feulner Institute creates and organizes programs dedicated to restoring confidence in America’s founding values and principles. By giving a platform to scholars and speakers, the institute aims to reaffirm the sanctity and sovereignty of the individual, equality of opportunity, limited constitutional government, and economic freedom, and to bring these principles to new audiences.