Community Leaders Praise Heritage’s Citizenship Project


Community Leaders Praise Heritage’s Citizenship Project

November 22nd, 2019

Photo by Willis Bretz

We are at a pivotal time in the history of our nation. The media and the educational system are bombarding Americans with negative messages about the bedrock principles of our founding. To that end, The Heritage Foundation’s Citizenship Project is designed to reverse this trend.  

The four-day policy and media training workshop, held Nov. 3-6, convened influential community leaders for training on how to effectively communicate existing policy research and market research data toward solving the most critical problem of our time: hopelessness about America's future. 

More than 20 participants, including pastors, school teachers, and community leaders, came from eight states to attend the program at the historic Holly Knoll in Cappahosic, Virginia. Community leaders gave glowing reviews of the Citizenship Project, which was organized by the Edwin J. Feulner Institute. 

Angela Sailor, vice president of the Feulner Institute, explained that the project promotes American values and principles by helping participants understand the critical role they play in maintaining our form of government and the long-term impact they can have on our country.

Participants received training on key socio-economic issues and learned how to more effectively communicate these policies to their local communities. In addition, participants received media training and become better equipped to explain how their lives have been impacted by common sense solutions and the power of the civil society. 

“Their personal stories are the ‘magic sauce,’ it pairs intellectual understanding with the heart and that makes people listen and helps us charge into the breach of America’s dangerous divisions to inspire and recruit new audiences in our fight to preserve freedom and liberty,” Sailor said. 

Here are some of the ways that participating community leaders praised the program: 

“Timely, needed and empowering.”

“Our nation needs this project.”

“This event was certainly life changing! The fellowship, information, and accommodations were all first class. I was truly blessed to be apart and looking forward to future events together. Thank you!”

“You have been a true example of what our country must be like and, as always, it is because of our fearless leader, Mrs. Kay Coles James, who sets the example and makes her words become reality.”

The Citizenship Project is the first of many programs the Feulner Institute will use to raise new voices, new faces, and new communities to the forefront to tell their stories and build an overall confidence in America as a truly exceptional nation.

To learn more about the Feulner Institute and its programs, email us at or call 202-608-6152.