Mass Ave Episode 128: Russian Propaganda

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Mass Ave Episode 128: Russian Propaganda

Oct 30th, 2017 1 min read

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Tommy Binion

Director, Congressional and Executive Branch Relations

Emily VanderBush

Constitutional/Legal Policy

Ginny Montalbano

Digital Media Coordinator and Contributor, The Daily Signal

The Robert H. Bruce Studio The Heritage Foundation

Rob Bluey, Vice President of Communications & Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Signal, joins Dr. Lee Edwards to discuss Russian propaganda. Dr. Edwards, a distinguished fellow in conservative thought at Heritage, also gives insight into his new memoir coming out soon: Just Right: A Life in the Pursuit of Liberty. The book contains anecdotes from the past, and advice for the future of the conservative movement. In our ‘Ask the Expert’ segment, policy analyst David Inserra tackles hospitality visas, and why these decisions should be left up to Congress.