Heritage Health Care Plan Wins Praise, Favorable Reviews


Heritage Health Care Plan Wins Praise, Favorable Reviews

December 4th, 2020

Heritage's Health Care Choices 20/20 policy proposals have received widespread acclaim.

The Heritage Foundation’s innovative health care plan is receiving praise from several high-profile individuals and media outlets.

Health Care Choices 20/20, a set of policy suggestions by dozens of health care experts and leaders to improve the American health care system, has been touted as an ideal conservative solution.

Proposals by Heritage visiting fellow Doug Badger and Domestic Policy Director Marie Fishpaw, have received favorable attention. Signers to the plan include Health Care Consensus Group leaders such as Galen Institute President Grace-Marie Turner, former Sen. Rick Santorum, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and Goodman Institute President John Goodman.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board recently commended Health Care Choices 20/20 for thinking bigger on health reform:

“Federal rules permit tax-preferred health-savings accounts to be paired only with plans that have a high deductible. Why not allow more Americans to control more of their own health-care dollars? Other good ideas include supporting direct primary care that offers preventive services for a low monthly fee, or improving reimbursement for telemedicine. These and other ideas can be found in a recent policy blueprint produced and supported by center-right policy minds like Mr. Goodman, Grace-Marie Turner, Brian Blase and Doug Badger. They deserve credit for continuing to push this rock up the hill even without many champions in Congress.”

This is not the first time Health Care Choices Proposal 20/20 has received praise. National Review editor Rich Lowry implored President Donald Trump to release a health care plan and pointed to Health Care Choices 20/20 as a good option.

In the article, “A Health Plan for President Trump,” Lowry writes, “It isn’t as though there aren’t options (and it should be noted that the administration has adopted worthy, piecemeal changes to the health-care system). A plan from The Heritage Foundation is tailor-made to be picked up by the administration.”

In another article, Reuters analyzed what health care would look like in a Trump or Biden administration. The media outlet looked to Health Care Choices 20/20 as a potential blueprint for a conservative health care program. Badger was quoted, “The [plan] would be better than either current law or proposals to devote more public resources to [Obamacare].”

The Wall Street Journal, in covering Supreme Court oral arguments that could overturn Obamacare, noted that conservatives have been working hard at an alternative to the health law. “Meanwhile, conservative policy groups including The Heritage Foundation and Galen Institute have also been working for almost three years on a replacement plan that also includes broader health-care overhauls.”

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