Heritage Expert Discusses Voter Fraud on Mark Levin’s Top-Rated TV Show


Heritage Expert Discusses Voter Fraud on Mark Levin’s Top-Rated TV Show

Nov 13, 2020

Mark Levin speaking at the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland. Photo by Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Heritage's Hans von Spakovsky joined Fox News' "Life, Liberty &Levin" on Nov. 7 for a three-part interview to discuss all things election integrity, including the various election lawsuits playing out across the states.

That Sunday, "Life, Liberty & Levin" led all of cable news with almost 3 million viewers, according to TVNewser

"Everything they did was intended to get rid of any protections and measures put in place by states to prevent fraud in the use of absentee ballots," said von Spakovsky in his interview with Levin. 

Heritage’s election integrity work is led by von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow and manager of Heritage’sElection Law Reform Initiative. He and his Meese Center colleagues regularly work with secretaries of state, brief lawmakers, testify before Congress, produce scholarly research, and conduct hundreds of media interviews.

In the second segment, von Spakovsky explained what recanvassing is and why President Trump has the right to a recount in Wisconsin.

"Here is my concern," said Levin. "Even though it effects this election, we are going to have a disaster every four years, and it's going to get worse and worse with the litigation, with courts interfering ... this stuff needs to be resolved now, does it not?"

In addition to Levin's top ratings, von Spakovsky's clips have garnered almost 1 million views on Heritage's YouTube channel.

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