Defining Conservatism

Defining Conservatism

A podcast from the Center for American Studies

Love, Loyalty, and Patriotism
Susan Hanssen, Associate Professor of History at the University of Dallas, joins the Defining Conservatism podcast to discuss what American patriots must love and be loyal to as we try to uphold our nation against the anticulture of the left and the forgetfulness bred by social media and our mediocre educational system.

The Common Good and the Constitution
Steven Hayward, Joseph Postell, and Emina Melonic join Richard Reinsch for a discussion of how the common good should shape political debate in a constitution of divided and limited powers.

Memory and American Patriotism
In this new edition of Defining Conservatism, Richard Reinsch interviews Bill McClay at the 2022 National Conservatism Conference about the meaning of American patriotism.

Why the American Founding Matters for American Conservatism 
Richard Reinsch and Simon Center Visiting Fellow Sam Gregg discuss the three features of the American Founding that especially matter for American conservatism today.

  1. The idea of natural rights and natural law;
  2. The particular political order of American constitutionalism, especially the separation of powers and the distinct idea of federalism; and
  3. The political economy associated with the idea of a commercial republic.

The Statesmen We Need
In this Defining Conservatism podcast, Richard Reinsch interviews Daniel Mahoney about his new book, The Statesman as Thinker, to understand the unbroken line of political leadership stretching from Cicero to George Washington to Winston Churchill. These statesmen could lead their people through turbulent times with prudence and courage, which drew from their learning in classical philosophy and histories of other great leaders and episodes in classic and modern times. If we find ourselves wondering where our statesman have gone, we should read deeply this work to understand the criteria for excellence in political leadership and how we might recover it.