The Navy Our Nation Needs

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February 1, 2018 The Navy Our Nation Needs

Join us as the Nation’s top sailor discusses his vision for the Navy our Nation needs.

Thursday, Feb 1, 2018

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

The Heritage Foundation

214 Massachusetts Ave NE
Washington, DC


The U.S. Navy maintains over 60,000 sailors and almost 100 ships and submarines continuously forward-deployed around the globe to deter potential adversaries, reassure our allies, and ensure the freedom of the global maritime commons for all nations. The challenges facing the 21st Century’s U.S. Navy have never been greater – ever-increasing maritime threats from a resurgent Russian Navy and extremely capable submarine force, a Chinese Navy that is rapidly increasing in size and capabilities, a North Korean regime whose actions and rhetoric threaten our Asian allies, and the ever-present threat of transnational terrorism.


As formidable as these security threats are, there are those who would argue that the greatest challenge to our Nation’s Navy has come from our own Congress. Over a decade of continuing resolutions and the fiscal constraints of the Budget Control Act have had a cumulative effect of degrading the capacity, capabilities, and readiness of the U.S. Navy. The tragic events of 2017 that resulted in the loss of 20 sailors were a stark reminder of the dangers of naval operations and serve as a wakeup call to our nation’s leaders and Congress that the Navy, and in particular its Surface Fleet, has reached a breaking point.


Admiral Richardson faces a daunting task of restoring the readiness of our naval forces, building the fleet to 355 ships, and developing new capabilities to maintain our warfighting advantage over current and future threats. What actions must be taken by the Navy and Congress now to ensure that the Navy has the needed resources to rebuild its capacity, capabilities, and readiness levels and remain the preeminent global naval power? Join us as the Nation’s top sailor discusses his vision for the Navy our Nation needs.