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COVID-19 Resources


A list of resources on the coronavirus pandemic

As the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, The Heritage Foundation offers expertise in a wide range of policy areas. We analyze the latest developments and formulate policy solutions with the help of these resources.

CDCThe U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site is one of the top government sites for public health information and updates on COVID-19. A joint effort between the White House, the CDC, FEMA, and the Department of Homeland Security, is the premier government source for information on COVID-19.

DOD: The Pentagon’s response to and support of the government’s fight with coronavirus.

FDA: Covers Food & Drug Administration actions in combatting the coronavirus.

FEMA: Information on Federal Emergency Management Agency response to coronavirus. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) is an independent population health research center at UW Medicine that provides rigorous and comparable measurement of the world's most important health problems and evaluates the strategies used to address them. 

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Tracker: JHU’s Coronavirus Tracker is a valuable tool for tracking confirmed cases, recoveries, countries and territories affected, and deaths around the world.

State Department: Travel advisories and country-specific information virus info.

The Lancet: One of the world’s top medical journals, The Lancet features a broad range of scientific journal articles and commentary pieces on COVID-19.

Treasury Department: Coronavirus resources and updates. provides a comprehensive overview of how federal government agencies are responding to COVID-19.

USAID: Information on U.S. international aid efforts.

Wall Street Journal, Coronavirus Case Count: Through a series of interactive graphics, The Wall Street Journal provides an in-depth look at the distribution of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. and around the world.

White House: Information on Trump Administration actions to battle coronavirus.

World Health Organization: The WHO is home to a variety of global public health information on the outbreak, including daily situation reports.