Remembering William F. Buckley Jr.

Event Conservatism
Event Conservatism

March 1, 2018 Remembering William F. Buckley Jr.

Co-hosted by the National Review Institute

Thursday, Mar 1, 2018

5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

The Heritage Foundation

214 Massachusetts Ave NE
Washington, DC


2018 marks ten years since the passing of William F. Buckley Jr. On this tenth anniversary of his death, the National Review Institute and The Heritage Foundation will host a conversation with noted conservative leaders and policy advocates reflecting on William F. Buckley’s revered life, numerous accomplishments, and powerful legacy. This program offers a special opportunity to bring friends and supporters together, not only to reminisce about his life, but also to inspire us in the continued fight for conservative principles he worked so hard to defend and advance.


Join us for a freewheeling, insightful and heartfelt conversation on the life and legacy of William F. Buckley Jr.


~ Reception following at 7:00 p.m. ~