Communicating for Impact 2021 Fellows

Communicating for Impact 2021 Fellows


Elizabeth Adadi.jpeg
Elizabeth Adadi
Communications and Marketing Manager, Empire Center for Public Policy

Virginia Allen.jpg
Virginia Allen
News Producer, The Heritage Foundation

Sheridan Betts Wildes.jpg
Sheridan Betts Wildes
Communications Director, Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

Crystal Kate Bonham.jpeg
Crystal Kate Bonham
Digital Communications Director, Texas Public Policy Foundation

David Boze.jpg
David Boze
Communications and Marketing Director, Washington Policy Center

GianCarlo Canaparo .jpg
GianCarlo Canaparo
Legal Fellow, The Heritage Foundation

Jared Crawford.jpg
Jared Crawford
Media and Operations Manager, Pegasus Institute

Christine Czernejewski.jpg
Christine Czernejewski
Director, Communications and Outreach, The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation

Lisa Daftari.jpg
Lisa Daftari
Editor-in-Chief, The Foreign Desk

Kat Dwyer.jpg
Kat Dwyer
Marketing and Media Manager, Property and Environment Research Center

Kyle Ferrebee.jpg
Kyle Ferrebee
Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home Program Director, Young America's Foundation

Mariya Frost.jpg
Mariya Frost
Transportation Director, Washington Policy Center

Brenee Goforth.jpeg
Brenee Goforth
Communications Associate, John Locke Foundation

Taylor Hathorn.jpeg
Taylor Hathorn
Director of Alumni Relations, Young America's Foundation

Colleen Hroncich.JPG
Colleen Hroncich
Education Policy Analyst

Marjorie Jackson.jpg
Marjorie Jackson
Digital Media Specialist, Family Research Council

Mariam Khokhobaia.jpg
Mariam Khokhobaia
Founder, Margaret Thatcher Centre of Georgia

Amanda Kieffer.jpg
Amanda Kieffer
Communications Director, Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy

Angela Morabito.jpg
Angela Morabito
Spokesperson and Higher Education Fellow, Campus Reform

Michael J. New.jpg
Michael New
Associate Scholar, Charlotte Lozier Institute
Research Associate, The Catholic University of America

Philip Reynolds.jpg
Philip Reynolds
Digital Specialist, The Heritage Foundation

Thomas Savidge.jpg
Thomas Savidge
Research Manager, American Legislative Exchange Council

Justin Shapiro.jpg
Justin D. Shapiro
Research Associate & Writer, Governor Ron DeSantis

Parker Sheppard.jpg
Parker Sheppard
Research Fellow, The Heritage Foundation

Kotryna Tamkutė.jpg
Kotryna Tamkutė
Head of Communications, Lithuanian Free Market Institute

Elena Toledo.jpg
Elena Toledo
Director of Communications and Interinstitutional Relations, Fundación Eléutera

Quinn Townsend.jpg
Quinn Townsend
Policy Manager, Alaska Policy Forum

Bryn Weese.jpg
Bryn Weese
Director, Communications, Fraser Institute

Brad Weisenstein.jpg
Brad Weisenstein
Managing Editor, Illinois Policy Institute

Kensie Yeates.jpg
Kensie Yeates
Donor Communications Associate, The Heritage Foundation