Mass Ave Episode 114: Proud to be Problematic

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Mass Ave Episode 114: Proud to be Problematic

Jul 20th, 2017 1 min read

Commentary By

Daniel Davis @JDaniel_Davis

Commentary Editor for The Daily Signal

Emily VanderBush

Constitutional/Legal Policy

The Robert H. Bruce Studio The Heritage Foundation

This week...

  • Daily Signal Senior News Producer and problematic woman Kelsey Harkness discusses Elle's worries about "legitimizing" female conservative leaders like Ivanka Trump and Kellyanne Conway. Contrary to what the Left says, "problematic women" are not issues to be fixed; they know they're capable of being more than victims and making choices, and should welcome the "problematic" label.
  • Kelsey tells Daniel and Emily where liberal and conservative feminists can find common ground. Worldwide women's issues like female genital mutilation and human rights abuses give both sides a rallying point to defend women. That can only happen, however, if organizations like the Women's March embrace feminism as the attempt to see women succeed in the world, not a set of policy prescriptions.

For some background...

  • Learn about Elle's issues with conservative women and Cosmo's insistence that the first female president be liberal.
  • Read Kelsey's reaction to attacks on conservative women and encouragement for problematic women to let themselves be heard.

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