Week 11: Nov. 24-Nov. 30

2020 Action Items

Week 11: Nov. 24-Nov. 30

Nov 24, 2020 1 min read

As we take time to reflect on our many blessings—even in a tumultuous year—we give thanks for America and the liberty and opportunity our country affords us. Nowhere in the world is there a land so free. If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape. That is why we must continue to Fight for America!

We wish you and your family a healthy and happy Thanksgiving!

Your Steps to Make a Difference:

LEARN: Watch President Ronald Reagan’s 1985 Thanksgiving Day address. Then read Heritage Executive Vice President Dr. Kim Holmes’ article, Thanksgiving and a Civics Lesson in Gratitude. Post either on one or more of your social media accounts using the hashtags #Thanksgiving2020 and #FightForAmerica. If you do not use social media, email the video to 5 of your friends.

SHARE: Share on social media, on a yard or window sign, or with your friends and family why you are grateful to be an American. Use specific examples from your life and experience—stories can be most effective.

ACT: This week think of a family or individual in your community or neighborhood that may be struggling. Consider lending a helping hand and make them feel valued during this important time of year.

EXTRA CREDIT: Read Heritage expert Hans von Spakovsky’s article, Thanksgiving 1943: American Sailors Pull off a Miraculous Naval Victory.

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