Vaccine Mandates Have No Place in a Free Country

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Vaccine Mandates Have No Place in a Free Country

Nov 20, 2021 2 min read

By now you’ve heard of the reckless and unlawful COVID-19 vaccine mandate that President Joe Biden is attempting to force upon private businesses and nonprofit organizations. This abuse of power amounts to nothing less than a declaration of war on the freedoms of the American people, and it requires a response.

Heritage Action for America has created a portal where you can submit your comments about this mandate. Click here to make your voice heard!

Your comments will go directly to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which is writing the rules to enforce the mandate and is required to review comments from the public on any new rule. The deadline to submit your public comment to OSHA about this mandate is Dec. 6.

Tell the federal government that you will not stand for a mandate that it has no authority to impose, which would violate our privacy, threaten our livelihood, and burden our businesses.

We must take this opportunity to defend liberty against the authoritarian overreach of government.

Your voice will make the greatest difference in the fight to defeat this mandate!

Want to find out more? Visit Heritage’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate website for more resources.

Your Steps to Make a Difference:

LEARN: Read The Daily Signal article, Enforcement a Huge Challenge for Biden’s Vast Vaccine Mandate, and post it on one or more of your social media accounts using the hashtag #VaxMandate. If you do not use social media, email the article to 5 of your friends.

SHARE: If you are a worker, business owner, or student affected by the mandate, send us your testimonies about exactly how it would affect you. We plan to feature these stories in The Daily Signal and in other Heritage publications to help spread the word about how harmful this mandate is for all Americans. Submit your stories to us at We will contact anyone whose story we plan to feature to receive their permission before doing so.

ACT: Submit your comment to OSHA on the Heritage Action form, telling the Biden administration your opinion of the vaccine mandate and how it would adversely affect you and your family.

EXTRA CREDIT: Listen to The Daily Signal podcast episode, Why This Lawsuit Over Vaccine Mandate Has ‘Good Chance’ of Reaching Supreme Court.

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